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Bubba Hopkins' love for Texas-style fiddling began at the age of 13 when he attended his first Texas fiddle contest. After that day in Crockett, he understood the passion that Texans have for their music and began devoting his life to learning to play as they do and putting himself in a position to one day becoming a Texan. One of the high points of his fiddling career was winning the Louis Franklin Championship in Whitewright, Texas, in 2009, and having Louis (one of the last original TOTFA legends) sign his trophy. More recent high points include winning the 2014 Texas State Championship Fiddlers Frolics for the 2nd time, 2014 TOTFA State Championship for the 5th time, the 2012 Crockett World Championship for the 1st time, the 2012 Mid-America Championship for the 5th time, and serving as a past director on the board of the Texas Oldtime Fiddlers Association (TOTFA).

After graduating from college (BA/Music Business & AS/Accounting), Bubba moved from the Oklahoma hills where he was born to the big state of Texas. He is employed full-time as a medical and billing coordinator and gives fiddle, guitar, tenor guitar, and bass lessons in the Fort Worth area. He is also in the process of preserving Texas-style fiddle music in written form. If you or your child would like to explore your musical potential, he would enjoy introducing you to Texas and a remarkable tradition...call or email him for traditional or Skype lessons, sheet music and transcription services, or to purchase musical instruments.

Zirl A. "Bubba" Hopkins III

Zirl A. "Bubba" Hopkins